Miricam 3.1

Webcam & Payment Solution

Stream your Live Webcams & Chat Services
for per-minute profits.

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Miricam 3.1

Charge what you like!

You set your price-per-minute.
Change prices any time & receive tips too!

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Miricam 3.1

Your data is yours.

Keep your customers where they belong:
on your website, and your domain.

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Miricam is the ultimate webcam streaming solution and is loaded with features including:

Web Development
Stream webcams directly to your website.
Keep your customers on your website, where they belong. Yours is the only name they should know, and ever see.
Web Development
Charge what you want, offer what you want.
Charge any price-per-minute you want to charge, change prices any time, and receive tips too!
Web Development
85% Direct Payout to your bank account.
Customers pay you directly for your services, minus 14.5% Credit Card Fees. No commissions required!
Web Development
No unwanted ads.
And no requirements to stream unwanted webcams either! Display only what you want your customers to see.
Web Development
Expand & Grow
Hire more cam models, add new features or custom applications for even more profit. The sky's the limit!
Web Development
Built-in Payment Processing
Your customers pay you without leaving your website. Powered by Netbilling.com
Web Development
Your domain, your rules.
Miricam installs on your domain. Need a server? Miricam includes powerful, tuned hosting services for FREE, if you need it.
Web Development
Other Services available.
Web design, custom programming, special projects. Let our team build your vision for you.
Web Development
24/7 Support
Nerds are standing by and ready to assist with any technical issues, 24 hours a day.

Keep your customers where they belong: On YOUR website.

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Geek Speek

How it works

Miricam is a client package of HTML5, CSS and JS files to display live video & chat, and process transactions for private chat & tipping purposes. It can be installed on your own server, or hosted for you. When you login and begin broadcasting, your camera's video & sound is broadcast to your users.

Your users can see and hear whatever you broadcast, and communicate back with you via the built-in chat room. Your users can add funds to their accounts via the built-in credit card payment processor, then request a private chat and pay you per-minute for the preveldige.

Video streaming, user authentication and payment processing are all handled via an API to the Miricam Servers directly to your site. Payment processing is managed by PCI Complient servers for credit card security.

You are free to edit the HTML5, CSS and JS files as you wish, or if you prefer, our professional website customization services are available to you for a small fee.

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Miricam 3.1

Software License options:


Standard Edition

Up to 25 Broadcasters
+ Unlimited Customers


+$129.95 Monthly Service Fees

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Professional Edition

Unlimited Broadcasters,
+ Unlimited Customers


+$149.95 Monthly Service Fees

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Each Include free hosting on ultra-fast managed cloud servers, free software updates & upgrades, optional new feature installations as they become available, and of course, 24/7 technical support!