MBase Networking

Stream your Live Content to other sites running Miricam, or...

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Create your own network!

Power individual Solo-Model websites while networking your content at the same time!

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Presenting MBASE for Miricam

Share live webcam content between your site and others for increase content, customers, and revenue.

Web Development
Share your webcams with other sites
Increase your sales by offering your webcams to other sites for access to additional markets and new customers.
Web Development
Add live webcams from other sites to yours.
Let your customers access additional webcam models for additional sales. Add only the webcam models you want, remove them at any time.
Web Development
Experiment with new niche markets, risk free.
Adding new webcam models and new niches to your website is completely free. Change your mind anytime!
Web Development
No links to other sites.
This is not an affiliate program. No links, obvious or otherwise, lead your customers away from your site. Your customers stay yours.
Web Development
Accounting is automatic.
Each site is paid for each sale, with detailed accounting showing you exactly what each site earned for each transaction.
Web Development
Invisible to users
All live webcam content on your site, whether home grown or from other sites, appears as organic content, always.

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